About Us

Based a short distance from Melksham, near Bath in the South West of England, The Wiltshire Chilli Farm consists of a group of culinary and horticulture enthusiasts who share a love of all things spicy.

Our chillies put the fire in our bellies that drives us to do what we love best – and that’s sauces and seasonings that encourage people to discover new sensations and find new ways of enjoying what they eat. We bring spice to life and add depth and warmth to food, catering to every palate and taking great pleasure introducing people to the wonderful world of chillies. We believe in celebrating the unique flavours of all chilli peppers. With thousands of varieties out there, there’s so much potential for discovering great taste combinations and levels of heat. We think it’s bonkers that people limit themselves to just one or two varieties.

Instead, we blend many together with other complimentary ingredients for recipes that put taste first every time. Heat is just an added bonus! That’s not to say we don’t go to extremes when required – our hottest sauces showcase the chilli with very few other ingredients. But what really gets us going is finding new ways to bring delicious new tastes to the table by being fearless with flavour. That’s been our mission from day one and it always will be.

Even without the often intensive cooking schedules we put ourselves through, the growing of chillies is a seven days a week task, particularly in the early stages of the year. This year we have moved from growing a few thousand seedlings in a pair of propagation tents to a purpose built unit housing tens of thousands of plants. But all work and no play wouldn’t be much fun would it? We’ve also spent our time travelling the globe in search of fresh new flavours and experiences to inspire our products and keep the flavours truly fearless. When creating new sauces we don’t believe in simply plucking ideas out of the air. Our preferred method is to eat the raw chilli and decide what other taste sensations will marry with what we experience. Truly Fearless Flavours!

Meet the team

  • Jamie Sythes
  • Simon Morgan
  • Martin Bond
  • Kevin Gover
  • Simon Blundell
Jamie Sythes - The Wiltshire Chilli Farm

Founder of the company with a background as an award winning business analyst, Jamie began with a windowsill of chilli plants and grew into one of the UK’s most respected chilli sauce producers.

Simon Morgan - The Wiltshire Chilli Farm

After a lengthy career in the army and an educational background in agriculture Jamie’s brother, Simon joined us in 2013 and now spends his time in the poly-tunnels and travelling the country selling our Fearless Flavour.

Martin Bond - The Wiltshire Chilli Farm

As a bar manager with a strong interest in cooking and consuming the finer culinary delights of the world, Martin joined the farm in the early months of 2013 and added some creative fire to the kitchen.

Kevin Gover - The Wiltshire Chilli Farm

As a long-time fan of WCF products, in 2014 Kevin shifted from a career in management at IBM to something a little spicier. Our resident Chilli Hobbit’s adventures in flavour can be found on his blog

Simon Blundell - The Wiltshire Chilli Farm

The bearded wonder spent many years in management at Richer Sounds before in 2015 shifting to sell richer flavours to the masses. Simon the Saucerer has a love for all aspects of chilli farming and cooking.





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